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Motor Vehicle Accidents

In Ontario motor vehicle accidents are dealt with in two ways. There are claims against drivers, called Tort claims, and… Read More

Brain & Head Injuries

The brain is a complex organ and slow to heal, and a head injury is therefore one of the most difficult brain and spinal cord injuries from which to recover… Read More


We know how emotionally devastating it is to lose a loved one in an accident. Sokoloff Lawyers can help family members recover… Read More

Long Term Disability

Many people have short term disability (STD) and long term disability (LTD) benefits available to them through work or through a privately… Read More

Catastrophic Injuries

At Sokoloff Lawyers we specialize in catastrophic injuries. We have built our reputation on our ability to assist clients who have suffered… Read More

Accident Benefits

Accident benefits are available to anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident regardless of who caused the accident. These benefits… Read More

Slip & Fall

A slip and fall injury normally occurs when you fall, trip or slip on something unexpected such as ice, road, pavement holes… Read More

Other Services

Our team has the expertise, knowledge and experience to provide you with the right legal representation for various personal injury… Read More

Toronto Amputations And Disfigurement Lawyers

The most serious of injuries are lifelong ones that change the dynamics of an individual’s life. Serious injuries from accidents can involve amputations, disfigurement from burns and loss of use of the arms or legs, and more.If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and you are owed compensation and benefits for your injuries… Read More

Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

At Sokoloff Lawyers, we understand the life-changing effects of a head injury. The brain is a complex organ and slow to heal, and a head injury is therefore one of the most difficult brain and spinal cord injuries from which to recover. The symptoms of brain injury… Read More

Toronto Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Being the victim of a bicycle accident is overwhelming, especially when you are left with serious injuries that you have to cope with. Instead of trying to handle legal and insurance issues on your own, you can let an experienced lawyer at Sokoloff Lawyers help guide you through the process… Read More

Public Transit Accidents

Public transportation accidents occur frequently, and even the smallest accidents can result in multiple people facing injuries. If you have been injured on the bus, subway, street car or any other form of public transportation, you can turn to our Toronto personal injury law firm for assistance.
Read More

Toronto Hit-And-Run Accident Lawyers

Identifying negligence in a motor vehicle accident can be challenging, and when the driver is unidentified there are even more complexities presented in the case. Sokoloff Lawyers represents motor vehicle accident victims and those who have been involved in hit-and-run cases…

including fatalities. When you are faced with a challenging time, you can count on our team to help reach an appropriate settlement or verdict for your case.

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