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Success Stories

Success Stories ~ Testimonials

February 28, 2017

““…Always there for me….

I was referred to see Wendy when I had a motor vehicle accident. Wendy and her team were always there for me… always answered my questions and got me all my benefits!
I am very happy with them and would gladly refer them to others….



January 27, 2017

“…you guys are really amazing at what you do …

Hey Savanah and Wendy,

I just wanted to thank you both so much for today!

You guys really are amazing at what you do!

I'm so happy things turned out the way they did.

You guys truly made such a huge impact on mine and my children's future.

I'm at ease to know we now have the ability to continue down the path of recovery and life.

Thank you for your patience with all my emails, questions and meeting requests I know I can be a bit impatient and ask a lot of questions.

I'm truly blessed to have met both of you at the right time when I needed to make a change of attorney.

As hard and emotional as this time in my life has been I'm glad to have had your support , guidance and compassion through it all!

☆☆☆☆☆You guys are the best ☆☆☆☆



December 22, 2016

“…Wendy made sure I had treatment and help available...I would recommend her from now until forever!”

“This is definitely the best experience I’ve had with a lawyer ever. I don’t even know where I would have been right now if Wendy hadn’t come to see me. I definitely recommend her to anyone I know!

It had been about a year since my accident before I found Wendy. The only reason I knew that I should contact a lawyer was when the lady at the Brain Injury Clinic I attended asked me who my lawyer was. My insurance company didn’t tell me I needed one, and I wasn't getting any benefits or much treatment despite my serious head injury - that’s when I found Wendy.

Wendy made sure I had treatment and help available - I am in way better condition than I was before meeting her. I would recommend her from now until forever!”


-Lyle Watkinson-

December 21, 2016

“I have to thank Wendy. She was patient and stuck by me through my difficult times. She made things right. I rate her at 10 out of 5 ! I would recommend her to anyone.”


-F. Turchiaro-

December 13, 2016

“I trusted Wendy and her team and she came through for me.
She helped me, and is still helping me. I have recommended to her others, she is good.”



December 13, 2016

“I sincerely thank Kiran as she was consistent, graceful, attentive and clarified the process.”



December 13, 2016

“We were referred by a family member to contact Wendy. We were happy we did.
Service was excellent and we are very happy with the results of our case.”


-Jeyanthi Makenthirian -

November 16, 2016

“I chose Sokoloff Lawyers because of their good reputation. They had a direct approach, very professional and were honest.
I greatly appreciate and am thankful for their guidance.


-M.N. -

November 12, 2016

“I was referred to Sokoloff lawyers by a friend. We dealt with Savannah in Brampton and her team.
We loved the service and had complete faith in them.
Good wishes to Savannah and her team


-Navinder Vick -

November 9, 2017

“I want to say that Slavko and Nooria were responsive to any and all questions I had.
I am very Happy with the results of my case. ”


-Leo Chin -

November 07, 2016

“We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being supportive and providing assistance to all of us during the difficult time our family went through. Your humble, friendly and willingness to help attitude helped my family feel like you were part of our family.
We wish you all the best. ”


-NK -

November 04, 2016

“When looking for a lawyer, I heard good comments about Sokoloff Lawyers.
I signed up. I always got answers to my questions and quick responses to my emails.
Thanks to Wendy and the team for their help the whole way through.


-Jillian -

November 2, 2016

“I was told that Sokoloff Lawyers was the best law firm for personal injury cases. Sokoloff worked diligently to ensure I was awarded the maximum available to me and staff kept me informed of all activity surrounding my case.

I would like to thank Wendy for all her hard work, reassurance and efforts, along with Stanley for providing much needed information and Liezel/Marie for keeping me updated on my case. Wendy and her staff did a tremendous job in making me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Sokoloff to anyone who is a victim of an MVA. ”


-Francesca -

October 21, 2016

“Wendy came through for us – she believed in us and led us through the proper tunnels. We are so glad we had her in our corner. Many thanks to Wendy and Vasanda. ”


-M and E Bailey -

October 3, 2016

“I contacted Sokoloff Lawyers after being referred by a friend with respect to a motor vehicle accident I had. They were honest, detail oriented and sought the best for me. I rate them a 5 out 5.. Good customer service ! ”


-JJ -

September 30, 2016

“A friend recommended Sokoloff Lawyers to me. The team was very professional and responsible. They have a competent knowledge of the law and procedures. I would like to say thank you very much for helping me. ”


-Qi Wan -

September 19, 2016

“Wendy and Karen were so great to work with. My condition was quite bad and they went out of their way. Since I couldn’t go to them they came to me all the way to Wasaga Beach. I refer them to anyone I know who could use their services. Thank god I was referred to them, I have a nice house and money for life. ”


-Todd -

August 25, 2016

“My husband had a serious head injury… we had met with other lawyers in the TO area and after being referred to Wendy to get her opinion, we switched to her. She met with us and we immediately felt she was right choice for us. We were nearing the end of our case when we transferred to her. We were offered what we thought was a good amount to settle. Wendy advised us not to accept it and we trusted her. With her determination and expertise we settled our case by WAY, WAY, OVER THE AMOUNT we originally anticipated and in only a few months! Wendy gave us her cell number and we could call her any time we needed her. We would definitely recommend Wendy and her team. They are friendly, positive and offered us great service. Thank you Wendy, to you and your team ! ”


-Angela -

August 16, 2016

“I was referred to Sokoloff Lawyers by a family member, I did my research and found they had a good reputation. We are very happy we chose them to assist us… they were easy to work with and answered any of our questions.

Wendy’s team, Christine and Ally were always optimistic and supportive. Their positive support helped us feel secure.
Thank you to all.”


-Mr. Kaya -

July 6, 2016

A friend referred me to Sokoloff Lawyers after my accident. I chose them because of the good things I heard about them. I compliment the support and good service I received and thank all the dedicated employees of Sokoloff Lawyers. I must say that Sokoloff Lawyers have a deep understanding of law and really DO care about their clients’ futures.


-J. Valenzuela -

June 3 2016

Wendy, Stan, Karen and Adam
Our sincere thanks for all you have done for us, for Brian's health, and for helping our family to be able move ahead. You are all so incredible in your work and for this we are extremely appreciative. Brian felt comfortable with you from the first meeting he had with all of you and I know that this gave him some strength during these many years of pain, uncertainty and desperation. I also felt very comfortable with you, especially when it was difficult to share so many uncomfortable and painful experiences. This comfort level with your team made this journey so much more bearable for both of us and of course for our children too. I can only imagine how exceptional you are as individuals, and as a team as I have not had experience with law firms before this. But I very much can feel and appreciate that you Wendy, and your team are very unique as people and as lawyers and senior law clerks. Karen has been such a source of information, comfort and strength to me during this time. I admire all of you, your incredible intelligence, your energy, your genuine kindness, your caring personalities and your quick wit. You are truly remarkable people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for us.
I will see you all soon,
With thanks,


-Linda -

May 31 2016

Dear Wendy, Stanley and Karen
Thank you all very much for your very hard work, long hours and 'dogged' determination in bringing our case to (another) successful conclusion. Linda and I are both more than pleased with the outcome. I have sat and wondered at times about what it would be like to be in your line of work. It must be extremely gratifying, especially when you are so good at it. I really do believe that what you say in your promotional videos you believe in your hearts, that your clients come first… you really do, above all else, advocate and give a voice to your clients who don’t have the knowledge and resources to battle the forces that are against them. It has been very empowering having you to guide us through this mess. I don’t throw around words loosely, but I would say that what you do for other people is ‘special’.


-Brian -

March 11 2016

Type of Case: Slip and Fall against the City of Kitchener
At first we thought there would be no hope for us and we were about to give up. We didn’t think we would recover much money or win, but as it turned out Stanley fought hard for us and we did even better than what we had ever imagined. We are very appreciative to Sokoloff lawyers. They were friendly and helpful and got us more than we anticipated !
Thank you Stanley and his team.


-Shuk Yiu Wong -

March 04 2016

Dear Slavko,
My family would like to thank you from the bottom or our hearts for being there each step of the case. Not sure what the journey would be like, your very first visit made us feel right. You were extremely patient and caring. Your knowledge and way to explain in simple words, puts you apart from the others. You always welcomed us with a smile and after hours of spending time with us you still had the same energy and smile. We still talk about you and appreciate your support. Thank you for going the extra mile.


-Bhogal Family -

December 15 2015

I cannot express the care and compassion I received from "my" team at Sokoloff Lawyers.
Adam, Karen & Wendy are high energy, organized professionals with great attention to detail - these traits, of course, work amazingly well for their clients. Their level of client service and commitment are second to none. They constantly assured me that everything would be dealt with privately, compassionately and swiftly. They kept my best interests always at the forefront. I am so thankful to them for their work ethic and smoothly guiding me through the whole process seamlessly. They have expert negotiation skills and never once did I feel intimidated or unsure of their actions.
There was very little time in remittance once all documents were signed and I am truly thankful to them for that. It was extremely hard for us to deal with all the pain, doctors, and specialists all the while having limited funds to help us. That’s just another area where “my” team helped us.
I highly recommend the professionals at Sokoloff Lawyers to anyone who truly needs a team that will act on your behalf and in your best interest.
From the bottom of my heart - thanks to all of you.


- Mrs. C. Dye -

December 8 2015

Hello Wendy,
We would like to write a testimonial about our experiences with you, your fellow lawyers and your incredible administration.
I could not have managed in these past, almost four, years without Karen's constant support and explanation of the process to me. As Stanley most likely witnessed yesterday, the legal terminology and process has not been easy for me to comprehend. So I thank Karen tremendously for her time and patience with explaining all of the steps along the way. It is remarkable that Karen has always been compassionate and caring during our calls. That is truly special considering your numerous clientele.
Wendy thank you again for your support and guidance. We truly appreciate the days we have met to discuss Brian's case. You are firm, quick thinking, decisive and kind all at once. You have a great ability to get right to the heart of the matter of discussion, and although it may be a difficult discussion, you manage to keep us focused and comfortable throughout the experience. You really are a tremendous inspiration. You also have a special ability to create an atmosphere where we feel comfortable, while we are experiencing the most uncomfortable time of our lives. It may sound peculiar, but the time spent with you, your colleagues, and dogs, will be cherished.
Stanley, although we have just met you, it feels like you have been part of this team for the past four years. You also have a special ability, to be able to distill the complexities of this case to its critical elements, and then to guide us along to a point where we are comfortable with what lies ahead. You are so kind and thoughtful with us. We have a feeling you have a terrific sense of humor too.
And Adam, you were instrumental in setting the tone of what we were to expect with Sokoloff Lawyers. Your compassion and professionalism at the Discovery was really appreciated and watching you work at the Mediation, a year later, was like watching someone create a masterpiece under pressure. This will not be forgotten.
Using baseball terminology - you have the best team in the big leagues! You have the best general manager, and the best pitching staff (all aces). You have starters that can go the distance, and a bullpen of relievers with special expertise that you can call on to get that tough out. And don't forget that front office staff that keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes. I could go on, but you get the idea.


- Brian -

December 8 2015

Hello Wendy, Karen, Stanley, and Adam,
Please accept this quick note of our deepest appreciation for all that you have done and are doing for us.
You have provided us with an incredible level of comfort and complete trust. As I mentioned, it is an odd feeling that you know us better than our closest friends and family in some ways because you know and understand the pain this accident has caused Brian, myself, and our family better than others. We also want to acknowledge that your relationship with us is so very appreciated because we do not share much of what our lives have been like with family and friends because it is far too difficult.
And although we know that you know this, Brian is equally as appreciative as I am.
With endless thanks,


- Linda -

December 1 2015

Wendy and Stanley handled my case with care, consideration and relentlessness. Wendy and Stan were there to always answer my calls. They made sure I was informed the whole way through my case. They got me an accident benefits settlement I deserve but didn’t think I was able to ever get. The first lawyer I had {at a previous firm} did a terrible job at settling my tort case. After hearing so many positive reviews about Sokoloff Lawyers, I decided to take my AB case to Wendy. I’m so glad that I did and I would highly recommend Wendy and her team!


- Kandiah T -

December 1 2015

This may sound silly since my case isn’t even settled yet but life has gotten better since I switched to Sokoloff Lawyers! Thank you, Christine and Wendy for all your work thus far!!!!


- Khrystal W -

November 16 2015

I'm writing this to express my gratitude to Wendy Sokoloff and her team. I would recommend their legal services to anyone who has been hurt in an accident.
Wendy took over my husband's case (who was hit by a car as a pedestrian) from our first lawyer who did nothing for about 4 months.
The day Wendy took over the case things started to happen. My husband received all the assessments and subsequent treatment that he needed to help him in those very difficult times. Wendy guided us through this very difficult process for 3 years, bringing it to a successful settlement. Her services were very expedient and professional, thanks to which the whole case was completed in the shortest time possible, in view of the details of the case.
Wendy and her team always returned our emails and phone calls, taking the time to answer any questions. Her team was always quick to call the insurance company regarding any unresolved issues.
This was a long and painful journey and I don't know if my husband would still be around if it wasn't for Wendy.
Thank you Wendy and thanks to your team!


- G. T. -

October 27 2015

Hello Wendy, Karen, and Adam,
Wendy, you are an inspiration. Thank you for your work on our case. Your superb negotiation skills are so very, very appreciated. It was fascinating to have the opportunity to observe your skills and legal expertise throughout the day. I also felt I was able to get to know you a bit more yesterday and that was lovely.
Karen, your constant availability and positive energy helps me so much through this difficult time. Your organization with all of our files and willingness to help with so much clarification during this long process is very, very appreciated. Your kindness in staying with me throughout the day means so much to me.
And Adam, you have been supportive to us in very important ways. Brian felt comfortable with you from the first meeting he had with you and I know that this gave him some strength to speak both last year and yesterday. I admire all of you, your energy, your incredible intelligence, and your humour. You are truly remarkable people.


- Linda -

October 27 2015

I will look forward to returning to your office one day to thank each of you properly... as a healthier person... perhaps with a smile. It's hard for me to envision such a time at the moment, so until then, please accept my greatest appreciation for your comfort, your work and everything you are doing for my family and I. You really are (all) the best.


- Brian -

June 24 2015

Hello Ms Savannah, You are a super human being and a great soul. Elegant, graceful, dependable, helpful and a GREAT lawyer. You have become a very important member of our family. Sure my wife in heaven joins me in thanking you for what you did for us. India and my home here is open to you or any member of your family any time. Take care and may the Lord Bless the Greatest Human soul on earth. All the Best.


- Sat Cheema -

June 9 2015

After hearing Sokoloff Lawyers on the radio daily, I never thought that I would need their services. I was unfortuntely involved in a car accident and after doing my research, I continually heard that Sokoloff Lawyers had great service. I decided to have them represent and guide me along my path to retribution. They were always kind to me and took the time to explain things. They truely do have an amazing staff that cares. Thank you Karen Thrush and all of the staff.


- Susan Fell -

May 18 2015

I was the victim of a Motor Vehicle Accident and called Diamond & Diamond. They referred me to Wendy Sokoloff. I found their lawyers to be honest, helpful and patient to answer all my questions. I appreciate the support from Sokoloff staff, especially Doug Wright who walked us through the process. He was also willing to see my mother at our resident to accomodate the meetings.


- Naga Kugadass -

May 3 2015

My late wife Sukhinder Cheema died in a road accident on 15 Nov 2010. The first time I met Ms Savannah was around that time at her Lofranco Corriero Office on Gore Plaza. I was shattered with the loss of my wife. She give me the confidence and courage to pull through my life. Well, I can say that I survived because of her. That shows her human nature too. We the family left everything on her and did not have to look back. She is graceful, elegant, sophisticated and always welcomes you with a smile. She is a super lawyer who knows her work every bit. It is only because of her that the family was able to get what we got. We would be up the gum tree without her. No other lawyer could have have done what she achieved for us. My family and me are totally indebted to her. It is difficult to find such human and knowledgeable Attorney that she is. May the Lord Bless her to help humanity.


- Satvinder Cheema -

April 29 2015

Dear, Savannah. My family and I are grateful to have an amazing lawyer like you. My parents have told me that when you fight a case, you fight it strong and that's a lawyer than me and my brother would like to have for my dad's case. And gladly we got one. You! I believe in you and have my hope's up. that we will defiantly win this case. You are an awesome lawyer. Love


- Preet -

April 11 2015

Dear, Savannah you are the best lawyer we've had. I really believe in you, and I have full faith in you. Thank you, for fighting for us to win this case. Thank you for helping my dad out. You are very important to us. Without you, we can't win this case. No other lawyer can fight like you. And we will never forget you. You rock! You are the best!


- Gurpreet -

April 1 2015

Type of case: MVA

Mr. Mangos referred me to Sokoloff Lawyers after my motor vehicle accident. After speaking to Wendy and her staff I was confident in hiring Sokoloff Lawyers. They were non-judgemental, very friendly, and handled my case efficiently. Thank you to the staff at Sokoloff Lawyers for being there for my family. We appreciate your dedication and hard work.


- Arthur R -

March 22 2015

Type of case: MVA

In 2010 I was in a car accident. By 2011 things got so bad that I knew I needed a lawyer. I went to Sokoloff Lawyers in Toronto. Sokoloff Lawyers staff went above and beyond and thier staff even worked on my case during their vacation. They were always available and always helpful. Special thanks to Wendy Sokoloff.


- Asif Butt -

March 7 2015

Type of case: MVA

I was in a very bad car accident and needed a lawyer. I was told Wendy Sokoloff is the best in the business. My case took some time, but Wendy got me half a million dollars. I even left Sokoloff Lawyers to get a second opinion but that was a bad choice. Wendy accepted me back as a client and told me to be patient and that she would deliver. Well she did, and I am so grateful for her. She worked very hard for me and if any one reading this is thinking about hiring Sokoloff Lawyers you can’t go wrong. They are really top class.


- Robert D -

Feb 20 2015

I would rate Sokoloff Lawyers 5 out of 5 stars and recommend them to everyone for hire. Thank you to them for all their hard work.


- Rigzen Choedak -

Feb 1 2015

Type of case: MVA

I was referred to Sokoloff Lawyers after my car accident. I heard that they are the best and Wendy Sokoloff and her clients really go the extra mile for their clients.

Even though both cases were rocky roads, Wendy Sokoloff and her team made the ride smooth and comfortbale for me and my family.

I wanted to thank Wendy, Vasanda and Jessica for helping me, encouraging me and giving me hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Without Sokoloff and her family, which I have become a part of, I would never have made it through this ordeal. Thank you so very much.


- Saima Sandhu -

Jan 20 2015

Type of case: MVA & LTD

I was in a car accident and my friend told me to speak to Wendy Sokoloff. My friend spoke very highly of Sokoloff Lawyers service and Wendy Sokoloff. The staff was very friendly and dedicated to my case. They provided 5 star service, and have amazing amazing staff members. I’m very thankful to Wendy and her staff.


- Myrna Orillo -

Jan 4 2015

Type of case: MVA & LTD

I was referred to Sokoloff Lawyers through a friend of mine that workd at the Canada Post Union. From the moment I met Wendy Sokoloff she was very kind to me. She fought extremely hard for me on my case. Her team also worked very hard. Thank you Wendy and Vasanda for everything. I will always recommend you if ever my friends or family need a lawyer.


- Prathipan V. -

Jan 1 2015

Type of Case: MVA, Accidents Benefits Settlement

I was referred to Sokoloff Lawyers by the Return To Work program. I had another lawyer on my case and switched to Sokoloff Lawyers because they had a good reputation. Slavko Ristich fought hard for me and got me a fair settlement. His service and integrity stood out to me. I also want to thank Aleasha for her hard work on the case.


- Janet Hanoman -

Dec 20 2014

(Letter to Wendy)

I can’t believe it’s over! Our long journey together is almost over. I certainly had a good experience with you. You certainly gave your all, (I do hope we left you some of yourself for all the other hard cases that you will have to fight). You go above and beyond for your clients. I will have no problems to recommend you. Even when the case took a turn for the worst, when it belly-uped on us, you gave us confidence that you would make things right for us. How can we ever thank you! You have an A-Team working with you. I will miss our communication and visits. I certainly will never forget you. You are one of a kind Ms Sokoloff. You are very good at what you do. A big THANK YOU to you and your team.


- Yvonne Knight -

Dec 12 2014

In 2009 I was in a terrible car accident. I’m glad I chose Sokoloff Lawyers to represent me. I was extremely satisifed with every aspect of their service. Especially important to me was recieving frequest status updates, and calls from their staff. Everyone was very helpful and professional. Their was no confusion, everthing was upfront and straight forward. I knew what to expect every step of the way. I absolutely would recommend them to friends and family in the future. Thank you to everyone involved.


- Isabelle Brown -

Dec 2 2014

When I had a most miserable time in my life, Yon, Mr. Shen showed your warmest and helpful hands to help me to rebuild my confidence towards my life. It was you Robert, pulling me out from my most difficult time. My tragedy started in 2008. I had a serious car accident and lost all my happiness that I used to have. I felt helpless and panicked. At this critical time of my life, that I was desperate and was struggling to look for advice and help, Mr. Shen stepped into my life promptly. With his professional advice and help, I received the great service and help from Sokoloff Lawyers entire team. Your people helped me to fight and get back my legal and financial rights appropriately. I very appreciate that you people reduce the damage of my life into the minimum. Thank you Robert and thank you all Sokoloff team. God bless you both.


- Chong Chen -

Nov 10 2014

I was involved in an motor vehicle accident and suffered a head injury. I found Sokoloff Lawyers in the Yellow Pages. We had hired a big name in personal injury and he told us that my case wasn’t big enough for him and that he didn’t believe how badly injured I was! We were shocked by how we were treated.
We chose Sokoloff Lawyers because they were very impressive during my research for a new personal injury lawyer in Toronto. They didn’t charge us any fee for a consultation and they were very reassuring. It was an incredibly difficult time for myself, and my family. Throughout our case Sokoloff Lawyers were very responsive and reliable and handled all client matters well. The settlement we received provided my family and I peace of mind for the future. That lawyer who thought our case was worth very little obviously didn’t know what he was talking about or didn’t pay attention to our case. We are very thankful and appreciate all their hard work. 5 star service! We will definitely recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to our friends and family.

- Ivan Elliot & Joyce Singh -

Nov 1 2014

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was referred to Sokoloff Lawyers by my uncle. He spoke highly about Sokoloff Lawyers. I met with Slavko Ristich and he was understanding, and his staff Matthew incredibly patient with me and very kind. They got everything done very quickly which I was thakful for. I would recommend this law firm to anyone. They are very efficient.

- Michelle M. -

Oct 26 2014

法律运用自如 办案稳操胜券

2006年秋, 我老伴过公路时被一辆违章抢道的汽车撞击, 当即倒地不醒人事, 被立即送到医院抢救. 经检查头骨裂缝性骨折、颅内出血、左胸第3、第4肋骨骨折、左手拳骨和胫骨列纹、背部和臀部肌肉严重损伤.

当时我们刚刚移民来到加拿大,人地生疏,举目无亲. 我们的朋友向我们推荐了SOKOLOFF律师楼作为法律代表,向肇事者提出赔偿要求,以维护自身正当权益.

但是在整个办案过程中,被告方并不配合,极力设置重重障碍.多亏 WENDY SOKOLOFF 律师和她的法律顾问沈先生, 运用自如的使用法律武器, 真心实意地维护受害人的利益, 恰到好处的把握赔偿的尺度, 义正词严的征服对方的狡辩, 终于迫使对方答应了我方提出的最理想的赔偿数额, 从而不仅维护了法律的尊严,而且使受害者的权益得到保障.

通过这次案件索赔,我们感到: SOKOLOFFLAWYERS 律师楼是出色的法律捍卫者,是受害者忠实可靠的代理人!

我们强烈推荐所有不幸遭受车祸和意外伤害的朋友, 尽早同他们联系, 您的利益一定能得到保障, 正义一定能得以伸张!




加拿大, 多伦多


Oct 19 2014

Wendy is such a good lawyer. She is very reasonable, explained everything thoroughly to me and I really trust her. She keep her word! I want to say big thank you to Wendy Sokoloff and all of her staff.

- Selva J -

Oct 1 2014

From the very first day that I came to Sokoloff Lawyers to the day they settled my case, I got good responses from both Nooria and Slavko. They were both very professional in answering my questions and they always made sure to get back to me in a timely manner. I loved the friendly atmosphere and supportive staff. I would like to say Thank you to both Slavko Ristich and Nooria Kamran for working really hard on my file. During one of the court appearances with the insurance company, I witnessed how Slavko was pushing the insurance company really hard to get me what I deserved. They helped me recover from my injuries and always listened to me very calmly and patiently. Again, Thank you Slavko and Nooria!

- Shakur Stewart -

August 18 2014

I found everything Nooria and Slavko did for me very helpful for example returning my call on time, anything I needed help with, answered my questions. Slavko did his best for my case, he fought very hard. He got us what we deserved. I am very happy with the outcome of my case.
I will definitely recommend Sokoloff Lawyers and especially Slavko and Nooria to all my friends and families. They are an excellent law firm with good customer service.

I would like to say thank you to Slavko and Sokoloff Lawyers for the outstanding job they did on my case.


- L.N. -

August 4 2014

I was hit by a car in 2007 and had retained other lawyers before a friend of mine recommended Wendy Sokoloff. I am very glad they did. From the moment I switched to Wendy Sokoloff as my lawyer in 2011 the difference was immediate. She is a classy,sweet, strong lady who is extremely intelligent and knows what she is doing. She will get you what you want and does not back down. It is easy to trust her and follow her guidance as she will not steer you wrong. Put your faith in Wendy Sokoloff. She goes above and beyond for her clients. I am glad I came to her as she has made a huge difference in my case. I only wish I came to her sooner. Thank you Wendy and your team for being in my corner.


- Erin Goulais -

July 26 2014

Sokoloff Lawyers is a team of professional lawyers. My wife and I were involved in a car accident and we immediately contacted Sokoloff Lawyers. That same day, Slavko came and saw us at our house. From that very moment I knew, I made the right decision by choosing Sokoloff Lawyers. Both Slavko and Nooria are very professionals and did an amazing job in our files. I will recommend them to everyone that I know. As I said above, they are a team of professional and an excellent law firm. Our calls were returned the same day. I was never rushed to get off the phone. Slavko and Nooria worked really hard on our files.

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Nooria and Slavko as they both helped us and played a very important role in those four years. Nooria called to check on us and gave us an update of our files. Both my wife and I appreciate your hard work on our files.


- H.N. -

July 20 2014

In 2006 I was involved in a very bad car accident that left me in excruciating pain and unable to work. I retained the services of a lawyer and two years later I was still paying for my own treatment and this lawyer was not making any effort to push my claim forward. That is when I retained the services of Wendy Sokoloff and what a difference it made. In the first year of having Wendy as my lawyer I received a series of assessments and obtained my income replacement. I also was able to get the treatment that I so desperately needed thanks to a protected account that was established by Wendy. Treatments and reimbursements that I never received with my previous lawyer were finally becoming available to me. When the time came to settle my claim Wendy surpassed all of my expectations. Not only did I receive a huge settlement I also had money for future treatment and peace of mind. Having went through such a horrific experience with my car accident I cannot stress the importance of having a capable and compassionate lawyer on your side. The amount of effort and determination that was shown by Wendy exceeded all of my expectations. I can now enjoy my life and though I am still in pain I have financial relief and that is so important for my quality of life. This would have not been possible if I stayed with my first lawyer. I am more than thrilled that I made the decision to go with Wendy, and I suggest you do the same.


- Katherina Sulimierski -

July 1 2014

Wendy Sokoloff and her team are tireless champions for the rights of injury victims.
Unwavering focus, and a long term commitment (8 years) her team performed a
thorough case investigation, calling upon a variety of resources and professional
experts to help our son (and us) deal with his physical chronic pain as well as his
psychological and emotional injuries. Wendy and her legal assistant Vasanda Idahosa supported our entire family as we were suffering from the trauma of having an injured
child. Wendy and Vasanda are always quick to respond to our phone calls and emails
with clarity, patience and understanding easing the stress of our journey. Wendy’s
personal commitment, gentle demeanor and easy-going style (with us as her clients)
made for simple understanding of our son’s complex case issues and strategy. Her law
firm combines great legal skill and huge compassion for those who are victims of
personal injury. As parents, we have confidence in Wendy and trusted her
recommendations over an ever changing 8 year long case timeline.
We appreciated Wendy’s tenacity and fierce advocacy for our son’s case, which
achieved a settlement after many struggles and legal challenges. We will never be able
to thank Wendy, Vasanda and the Sokoloff team enough for all their efforts easing us
through the process.

We highly recommend Wendy Sokoloff and the firm of Sokoloff Laywers for personal injury case. Many thanks again


- Ivo Bordignon and Judy Dunlap -

June 15 2014

I would like to thank Wendy & Karen for both being very helpful with my case. I do wish that I had been familiar with Sokoloff Lawyers at the time I had been injured and I would have had them represent me as my counsel through the entire case, where as things did turn out good at the end of the case they could have turned out much better. I did appreciate the way Wendy was able to relieve us of a lot of our debt that we had incurred because of living expenses while this case had carried on. Karen Currie was always quick to respond to any questions at all that I had concerning the case. I would definitely consider Karen to be the best law clerk that I have ever communicated with. Different law firms that I have dealt with in the past, it always seemed that the law clerks would be avoiding me, thus leaving me without answers to any questions in regards to my case.
I would say that Sokoloff Lawyers is an excellent law firm!!!!! I have already mentioned Sokoloff Lawyers to friends, family, many strangers and will continue to do so in the future.


- Colleen -

June 10 2014

As I had mentioned before Colleen and myself are very thankful for the service that you have given us. We do not know where we would be at this time if it had not been for you and your staff. Once again Wendy, thank you very much.


- Thomas -

May 22 2014

Sokoloff Lawyers was of great help to me, not only with the case but even psychologically speaking. I was given all the support, information and guidance I needed to deal with my case at all times. I was also able to get updates regularly from the staff as to how my case was progressing and what to do at each step of the litigation.

Sokoloff Lawyers are the best lawyers I have ever met, great dedicated staff.
Without their help I would not have been able to make it through all the litigation procedures until the final resolution of my cases.

Sokoloff Lawyer’s staff was specially supportive for me all the time.

I am very thankful for all the work they have done with my cases.


- Nelly Vernaza -

Feb 27 2014

我三年前在一次车祸中受伤。在我漫长的康复过程中,SOKOLOFF律师行给了我巨大的支持。沈峒昕先生专门负责我的案子, 安排伤情评估, 康复治疗, 多次联系保险公司以使我及时得到事故福利金, 等等. Adam Moras先生参加了最后与保险公司的谈判, 为我争取到令人满意的赔偿金. 他们的专业精神给我留下深刻印象. 我非常感激他们的帮助, 并愿向所有需要类似服务的人推荐SOKOLOFF LAWYERS。

- S.W. -

Feb 22 2014


Great appreciation to Wendy, Robert and all of your colleague for your knowledge, professionalism, integrity, strategic thinking, enthusiasm, and responsiveness. I was very satisfied with what you said and did during two year fight with the insurance. I would like to say I was very lucky to retain with your firm. It has been shown a pleasant switch from the previous paralegal to your firm. Your dedication and concern in my case is highly appreciated. I would love to recommend your firm to others since my personal experience with you and Wendy is enjoyable and splendid.
I can’t find a suitable word to express my excitement in my final settlement.
I was very pleased with the quality, attentiveness of your services. I found Wendy to be very knowledgeable on personal injury law matters as they came up, and a real expert in finance issues. She always acted as a true friend to me, and became a trusted advisor.

- Gilbert Li -

Feb 15 2014

Adam & Robert, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you for your effort. It was so kind of you to assist me in my car insurance claim. It was just what I needed but never expected! You always seem to know the perfect time to say or do on my behalf. I am truly touched by your generosity, your spirit, and willingness to get out of your way to help me. I am indeed lucky to have a friend like you in my life. Thank you again for being so thoughtful.

- Jerry Yu -

Feb 5 2014

Just wanted to say Slavko Ristich and Nooria Kamran, did an amazing job with my file. They always explained everything to me in plan English and were always a phone call away with anything that was needed, I would recommend them to anyone as they did an amazing job at keeping everything organized, calm and understanding. A big thank you for an amazing job.

- Rhonda Laronde -

Jan 31 2014

I have been dealing with Sokoloff Lawyers for nearly 4 years and I must say I was treated with respect even when I was losing my own from the accident. I wasn’t just a number to the law firm; I was someone who was treated fairly right to the end. Wendy Sokoloff is very approachable and in tune with the party that NEEDS her help. I am very pleased with the work she has done for me. Whenever I visited her office she would approach me with my first name, which tells me she has a very high interest in her clients. I thank you Wendy for helping me overcome hurdles so that I can continue on with my life, and not be held back. I asked for help, you went to work for me and I you got me the compensation I deserved. I will always speak highly of Sokoloff Lawyers as their team is a team interested in the injured party’s wellbeing.

- Martin R Berry -

Jan 20 2014

Thank You Doug,
Having a previous lawyer that wasn’t doing a good job, I worked very hard to convince my wife to change to Sokoloff Lawyers. After online research and phone calls to other firms, my wife and I came to meet at your office. Today I now know that was the right decision. I have zero doubts that you worked very hard and honestly on our case and we are very pleased with the settlement and grateful. Please say hello to Wendy Sokoloff, we will keep in touch.

- Ivan & Blagovesta Totin -

Jan 15 2014

Dear John and Jennifer,

I would like to thank you for working on my behalf. I appreciate everything that you did to help me through this awful ordeal.
I am glad it is over, I do not regret following through on it.
I received my final instalment and feel happy that it can all be put behind me now.

- Charlotte -

Jan 1 2014

Dear Mr. Johnson, Mr. Shen & Ms. Tsen,

I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your hard work and dedication on my case. I think it is fair to say that your clients’ benefit from your legal expertise and ability to negotiate on their behalf.

I would like to let you know how pleased I am with John, Robert & Tina’s handling of my case. You have all been really wonderful to communicate with and work together on my case. You kept me informed, and more importantly you listened and explained well to me my questions.

Especially, thanks to Mr. Johnson, who did an excellent job on my final case settlement. Rest assured that I would refer you to any of my friends or acquaintances who would be in need of similar aid.

- Feng(Frankie) Zhong -

Dec 9 2013

I contacted Sokoloff lawyers a few months after a car accident on the advice of another lawyer. I worked closely with Wendy Sokoloff & Vasanda Idahosa. They were always available, organized and professional. They kept me up to date with each step of my case, from the filing of the Statement of Claim, reviewing the insurance company’s documents and mediation results. The firm worked very hard on my accident claim and I had excellent results. An accident is quite disruptive to someone’s life but Sokoloff lawyers were very knowledgeable about my case and personal injury law. They helped me through a very difficult time and I would not hesitate to refer friends and family to this law office.

- Joanne Prince -

November 17 2013

I was in a motor vehicle accident and hired Wendy Sokoloff and Doug Wright of Sokoloff Lawyers. We came to an appointment at Sokoloff Lawyers and it was pouring rain outside. We got soaked and all of our clothes were dripping wet. Doug Wright was running around trying to find us dry clothes. Wendy ended up giving us her spare clothes in the office. Not only that, Doug Wright drove us to the transit stop. They went above and beyond, and I truely felt like part of their family. This process was very emotional and Wendy helped me get through it. Everything she said, happened, and she delivered. I’m happy with my settlement and relieved that I can get on with my life. I just want to say how thankful I am to the clerks Zahily and Aleasha. You are both amazing. If anything happens to me or my family in the future, I wouldn’t hire anyone else but Sokoloff Lawyers.

- Merlene Nelson -

Nov 1 2013

I was in a car accident which had resulted in permanent injuries. My insurance company quickly cut me off all my benefits. A lawyer friend of mine suggested I contact Sokoloff to find out what my rights were, and thankfully I did. Sokoloff took care of everything for me and won my case to my satisfaction!! They were always quick to answer any questions, and ease my concerns. My experience has been that insurance companies do not like to hear that you have hired Sokoloff -that should be reason enough to do it. !!

I would highly recommend Sokoloff, and have already recommended them to a friend and will never hesitate to do so in the future. Insurance companies are cruel and heartless; however Sokoloff helps you feel worthy and powerful.

Thank you John, Wendy, Lori and everyone else who helped in my settlement!!! I can finally have peace of mind and closure!

- Ms. DiPasquale -

October 22 2013

I feel like I am with my family every time I visit Sokoloff Lawyers. When I was in pain and hopeless, I came to Sokoloff Layers and I felt relief and hope. I always managed to calm down when I used to speak to them and get the idea that every difficulty will be solved. I am so happy for everything they helped me with. When I knew I needed a lawyer, I prayed for a good one and this was my prayer’s result. There are so many lawyers out here but none like what such special lawyers I found at Sokoloff lawyers. I am so grateful for the all the work done.

- Emebet Gedlu -

October 12 2013

I had another lawyer for various years. He told me to take an offer that I thought was too low. I came to Wendy Sokoloff for a free second opinion and Wendy thought the offer was too low as well. Within 8 months, Wendy was able to triple the offer and the case settled. I wish Wendy had been our lawyer right from the start! Listen to Wendy because she really does know what she is talking about. Even the Judge at our pre-trial before the trial started, said to me that he was shocked by the large amount the insurance company was offering us and he thought we should grab it when we could.

- Elif Kayhan -

October 1 2013

My insurance cancelled me and when I had a bad accident I had no insurance. My first lawyer did nothing. Then I found Wendy. She helped me to sue the broker and the insurance company and too many things happened but Wendy never gave up and won everything. My case was so complicated but Wendy always took the time to explain and answer all of my questions. We did arbitration,traffic court,and Court —we won everything! Wendy not only took care of me but made sure my family got monies too. Doug was great too. So calm and confident. I do not know where I would be now if I had not found the right lawyers when I did. Believe what you hear about Wendy and Sokoloff lawyers because it is all true!

- Ersin Aksoy -

September 25 2013

When my mother suffered a brain injury Wendy Sokoloff was there from the start. She actually came to the hospital and organized everything from looking after my mom to eventually helping her move to a better place. She fought the insurance company on anything that was denied and was successful on everything. Now my mom [and dad] have all their needs met plus more than enough money to take care of themselves for the rest of their lives.
Thanks to Wendy and Niloo for a job well done. We will definitely recommend this firm.

- Olson Family -

September 20 2013

My wife and I were involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. Wendy was very attentive, thorough, and gave great advice. Without Wendy I’m not sure what we would have done. Wendy went above and beyond her legal obligations to make sure we had everything we needed. I have had experience with previous lawyers and Wendy and the team at Sokoloff Lawyers are definitely a cut above the competition. We are very satisfied with the result and would definitely recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer.

- Nels Olson -

Augst 1 2013

Sokoloff Lawyers successfully got my accident benefits and settled for a higher amount then I expected. They worked hard for my case and they are the best professional law firm. Robert did a lot to help me during my case. I will definitely refer my friends who happen to have accidents to Wendy Sokoloff, Adam, Robert and the firm.

- Gao, Feng, Markham -

July 5 2013

I had a Slip & Fall case that I brought to Sokoloff Lawyers. They came highly recommended so I felt comfortable enough to go in for a free consultation. Their staff was convincingly friendly and gave very thorough answers. I felt very comfortable and knew they had my back. Thank you Slavko Ristich and his clerk Matt. I will recommend Sokoloff Lawyers for sure.

- R.F., Toronto -

June 19 2013

I had an LTD case and Sokoloff Lawyers came highly recommended. I made the decision to give them my case and I don’t regret it. The staff was very friendly and easy to talk to. I never felt unimportant. Just like they were recommended to me, I will recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to anyone who needs their services. Thank you to Slavko Ristich and his team.

- Forster, Toronto -

June 1 2013

When the insurance company denied me the catastrophic designation, Wendy fought them and won. Her creative strategies resulted in me getting more than enough money to look after myself and my family for the rest of our lives. Thank you Wendy and Karen for fighting the fight as hard as you did. I am still in shock and I got more money than I ever could have imagined and my future is now brighter. The insurance company even made me sign a confidentiality agreement to not discuss my settlement.

- Lorna Lebert -

May 23 2013

was involved in a motor vehicle accident on April 14, 2004.  Initially I hired another lawfirm.  They didn’t do a good job and stalled my income replacement.  I was under a lot of pressure and my friends recommended I go see Wendy Sokoloff, at Sokoloff Lawyers.  I met with Wendy and she told me not to worry, and that she’d handle everything.  Shortly after Wendy started my income replacement and got me money until she settled my entire case for more money than I could have imagined, especially since I was deemed ‘at fault’.

I really appreciate Wendy Sokoloff, she is the best and worked so hard for me. The staff was very friendly too. If I couldn’t reach Wendy her staff was always available to help me. If I left a message they called me back very fast. My friends and I will always refer to Wendy. Thank you so much Sokoloff Lawyers.

- Karamjot Singh, Ontario -

May 11 2013

Hi Robert & Sokoloff Lawyers,

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you for your effort. It was so kind of you to assist me in my car insurance claim. It was just what I needed but never expected! You always seem to know the perfect time to say or do on my behalf. I am truly touched by your generosity, your spirit, and willingness to get out of your way to help me. I am indeed lucky to have a friend like you in my life. Thank you again for being so thoughtful.

- Jerry Yu, Brampton -

May 11 2013

I had a car accident 3 years ago and got injured then. During my lengthy recovering period, SOKOLOFF LAWYERS gave me full support. Mr. Robert Shen looked after my case, booking numerous medical assessments, arranging physiotherapy treatment, making sure I got the accidental benefits I am entitled to (attendant care and housekeeping allowance), etc. etc. Mr. Adam Moras got involved in the final negotiation. He did a great job to maximize the compensation I could have received. I truly impressed by their professionalism and really appreciate their help. I would highly recommend SOKOLOFF LAWYERS to anyone who would need similar service.

我三年前在一次车祸中受伤。在我漫长的康复过程中,SOKOLOFF律师行给了我巨大的支持。沈峒昕先生专门负责我的案子,安排伤情评估, 康复治疗, 多次联系保险公司以使我及时得到事故福利金, 等等. Adam Moras先生参加了最后与保险公司的谈判, 为我争取到令人满意的赔偿金. 他们的专业精神给我留下深刻印象. 我非常感激他们的帮助,并愿向所有需要类似服务的人推荐SOKOLOFF LAWYERS。

- S.W., Markham -

April 29 2013

I was recommened to Sokoloff Lawyers by a friend of mine, that was a previous client. This law office is better than others I have used before. I needed some help with my case, like going to the doctors. I was very concerend after my accident and they helped me with all insurance problems in a satisfactory way. I would give Sokoloff a 5/5 score and definitly will not hesitate to recommend to my friends and family incase they need.

- Boguslaw N., Mississauga -

April 16 2013

I was in a motor vehicle accident on Feb 4, 2009 and in bad shape. Wendy Sokoloff took the time to explain everything to me and made me feel comfortable. My wife chose Sokoloff Lawyers in Yorkville, and they did a good job. I’m happy with the result. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends & family if God forbid they were seriously injured.

- J. Machado, Toronto -

December 5 2012

I was referred to Sokoloff Lawyers by my union. I had an LTD claim settled incredibly fast for more than I anticipated. The process was easy to understand, from start to finish. They were very helpful and efficient. I give them 5 out of 5 stars and would be happy to recommend them to friends/family. Thanks again Sokoloff team.

- Frank M, Toronto -

December 3 2012

I was in a Motor Vehicle accident and contacted Sokoloff Lawyers. I’m happy I met them. Wendy was very strong for me, she gave me courage and faith to hold on and keep fighting. She treated me like a family member, and told me not to worry. She’s been the best and she never gives up, no matter what.

Thanks very much to Wendy, for so long you kept fighting for me and if I had to recommend anybody I’d recommend Wendy to anyone!

- Samad Veermanatee, Toronto -

December 3 2012

My mother was in a very serious motor vehicle accident. At the time of the accident my family and I were very overwhelmed. I’m very glad I was referred to Sokoloff Lawyers – they gave me ease of mind moving forward. I’m very thankful to Doug Wright and the staff at Sokoloff. When in doubt call Sokoloff, they are truly there to help.

- Paul Chan, Toronto -

December 3 2012

I sustained serious injuries to my back from continous work and suffered from extreme back ache. I tried to communicate on my own with the insurance company but could not make any progress. Then, I consulted with Sokoloff Lawyers and met with Slavko Ristich and Nooria Kamran. I found both of them very helpful and effective. Both Slavko and Nooria actually cared about my file. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and will definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

- Sosamma Oommen, Toronto -

September 26 2012

I think what makes Sokoloff Lawyers so unique is that they are very understanding to what you are going through and they worked extremely hard on our behalf. They are also very thoughtful and have big hearts. Wendy is the very best lawyer in Toronto! I have a lot of faith in SOKOLOFF LAWYERS. I am very happy with your services. I know how hard it has been with the insurance company not wanting to help me so thank you for getting Marcello his wheel chair and all the other things that are making his life a little bit easier every day. I am very satisfied with all your hard work and patience for me. When I called and I was very upset you always helped me understand what was going on and made me feel better. I would definitely recommend your services to others. I always tell people ‘I have the best lawyer, and that her law clerks are also very good.’


- Mary Ricciardi, Toronto, ON -

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