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Stanley Razenberg




Stanley obtained his law degree from the prestigious University of Toronto, Faculty of Law. He believes the law is a tool to achieve justice.

If you were to ask a client, they would tell you that Stanley cares and will fight hard for your case.

If you were to ask an insurer’s lawyer, they would tell you that Stanley is smart and tough, but fair.

Stanley prides himself on taking a reasonable approach to the handling of files. At the same time, if an insurer is not being reasonable, Stanley has no trouble taking a case to trial or an arbitration hearing—he has done it time, and time again. Stanley gets excited exposing an insurer’s mishandling of a file.

Stanley approaches his files from a pragmatic perspective, while also seeking to ensure that justice is done on each and every case he works. Sometimes this means entering settlement discussions with the insurer; sometimes this means taking an unwavering approach straight to trial.

Respected in the profession, Stanley fights hard for his clients.

Stanley Razenberg can be reached at 416.966.HURT (4878) x 3911 or by email at

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